Hiring lawyers for a sensitive issue like divorce can be a long and strenuous process. You need someone right away yet you still have to look for the right one to understand and handle your case. Most of the people hardly have any idea what to expect from divorce lawyers in Mumbai.
In such situations, people feel vulnerable, lonely as they have no one else to turn to but their divorce attorney. This is why, it is crucial to select the right advocate having clear ideas regarding the expectations before hiring a divorce lawyer.
Five criteria for choosing lawyers

Always stay in touch with your lawyer

A good lawyer will always keep you in loop regarding the whereabouts of the case. As a client, you must know all divorce proceedings during the process. The best lawyers keep you updated with the progress of your case. They surely will just take the time to give you a phone call or email to keep you updated.
Consultation that fits your budget
Almost everything you do with a lawyer is going to be chargeable. While many divorce lawyers in Mumbai are willing to provide some aspects of their job pro bono to you, but sometimes just a simple consultation can be chargeable. All good attorneys will advise you straight away on the first point of contact. Generally, they are clear about what is going to cost you in advance and what is in the provision.
Attempt for settlement

Many of the divorce cases end up being settled by the court. This is quicker and painless as compared to a lengthy and strenuous court battle. Look for divorce lawyers in Mumbai who diligently strives to work out a settlement with the other side that meets all the needs from the client’s end